To Contact us either call 01628 630337 or email tailormadecatering@yahoo.co.uk



Plain or themed Cupcakes

Fairy Cakes

Chocolate Brownies

Fruit Salad

Banana or Carrot Cake

Jelly & Ice Cream

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Sausage Rolls

Sausages Wrapped in Bacon

Cocktail Sausages

Homemade Pizza (Various Toppings)

New Potatoes (v)

Potato Salad (v)

Homemade Fishcakes

BBQ Chicken Kebabs (older children only)


Platter with dips Carrots/Celery/Cucumber/Cherry Tom/Grapes/Fruit

Sandwiches/Wraps/Rolls with the following fillings:

Cheese & Tomato (v)

Cheese (v)


Marmite (v)

Egg Mayo (v)

Tuna Mayo & Cucumber

Chicken & Sweetcorn

(Cut in to squares, triangles or fun shapes )

Mini Jackets with the following fillings:

Egg Mayo (v)

Cheese (v)

Cheese & Onion/Tomato/Ham

Tuna & Mayo (v)


Various flavours of Juice

Flavoured Water

Fruit Smoothies (additional cost of £1.50 per child)

6 items from above list = £7.00 per child including drink

8 items from above list = £8.00 per child including drink

10 items from above list = £9.00 per child including drink

Additional Extras

Themed disposable plates, napkins, cups, tablecloth

Fun Party Bags

Birthday Cakes

Balloons and Decorations

Entertainment in the form of Cupcake decorating (aprons supplied), Face

Painting and Bouncy castle hire

Assistance with serving food and clearing away

Prices available upon request


Everything we provide is homemade so you can be assured that your child is enjoying fresh food free of any additives.